Monday, September 29, 2008

The Greatest Breath Mint Ever?


How I just found out about this Icebreakers stuff that comes in baggies as if its crack cocaine today is beyond me. This has to be the greatest thing ever. I mean, how did that meeting go? "....ya know boss, I think we should be marketing the new breath mint in these little baggies that look like hardcore narcotics...doesn't that sound like a great idea?"

I'm not sure what's better...these things looking like drugs, or some dumb ass drug addict who has both these breath mints and a fat sack or rocks and eats the rocks thinking he'll have minty fresh breath and overdoses....that'd be fucking sweet!

Like I said, I'm really pissed I just found out about this today and haven't had the chance to buy them and leave them around my friends houses for them to get busted by their wives or whatever.

I'm also really pissed today that I got stuck behind another fucking funeral procession. This has now happened last Friday and then today at lunch so I'm batting 1.000 at getting jammed up at them. Today it was 3 fucking lights. How about we put a hiatus on processions from 11:30 - 1:30 so we're not gonna fuck up our already shortened lunch breaks. Not to mention all the enviro-wackos that should be pissed due to the waste of fuel.

I'm also not pissed at the NO vote for the "bailout" today, nor at the pending doom that is upon us. I'd rather not have another 700 Billion dollar tab out there that we can't afford. Obviously the fallout has started already, with the Dow down 8% today for the biggest freefall in history. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Down another 5?

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